The world’s most advanced heating, lighting and nutrition products for reptiles.

Reptiles, Amphibians and Invertebrates have adapted within the wild habitat over millennia in order to obtain everything they need from their environments. They have adapted to use a certain level of sunlight, warmth, water and nutrients to be healthy.

Here at Arcadia Reptile we believe that everything an animal takes from environment contributes to overall nutrition. Nutrition is not only the food an animal takes in but all the energy providing elements it is exposed to.

As keepers we have to attempt to provide those elements in our animal’s captive enclosures. We see a difference between an animal simply ‘surviving’ and truly ‘thriving’. Through good science-led research into animal nutrition, we aim to have highly energised, active animals showing good colouration.

Omni Gold

Lighting developed for use with animals for over 50 years

Find the reptile lighting solution for your pet’s set up.

The most complete range of heating systems for reptiles.

Solar Basking Bulbs, ceramic heat emitters and the revolutionary Deep Heat Projector.

EarthPro – Food, supplements and substrates.

EarthPro is our range of foods to support, boost and add nutritional variety to the diet of captive reptiles.