Books on Reptile and Amphibian Care

by John Courteney-Smith

The Arcadia Guide to MBD and its elimination in captivity

The Arcadia Guide to MBD and its elimination in captivity

Code: RBK01 / Paperback 118 pages

Metabolic bone disease (MBD) is a killer of captive reptiles. These three letters strike fear into the heart of every reptile keeper and rightly so. MBD is a painful but avoidable condition that can effect captive reptiles and amphibians. In this full colour guide you will not only learn what MBD is and its causes but you will also find a clear and up to date solution that can be applied in the home.

This title covers MBD as a disease, diet, hydration and new technology. Written by the experts from Arcadia reptile the worlds number name in reptile science this is a practical and easy to understand guide to MBD and our ultimate goal of its total eradication in captive animals.

RRP £9.99

The Arcadia Guide to Reptile & Amphibian Nutrition

The Arcadia Guide to Reptile & Amphibian Nutrition

Code: RBK02 / Hardback 272 Pages

Reptiles and Amphibians have been kept by man for thousands of years. Over the last 20 years, we have seen a boom of interest into the keeping of these incredible animals as pets and home display species. More and more research into the wild habitats of these animals is becoming easily available to keepers, and with this research comes a responsibility for reptile keepers to provide their captive animals with the essential elements needed to cause a captive animal to thrive and reproduce and not simply to survive.

One of the most worrying aspects of captive reptile care has been the food items that we have had to offer them. Do these mass-produced insects contain all the nutrition a reptile needs to thrive? Do defrosted frozen rodents really contain all of the vitamins and minerals that certain species need to survive? And how do these various vitamins and food sources interact with each other?

In this highly practical guide, we explain reptile nutrition, hydration, the vitamin groups, wild diets, supplementation, the D3 cycle, gutloading,
and much, much more

RRP £14.99

Bio-Activity and the Theory of Wild Re-Creation™

Bio-Activity and the Theory of Wild Re-Creation™

Code: RBK03 / Hardback 374 Pages

Explore the wonderful world of Reptile, Amphibian and Invertebrate keeping for the modern age. Reptile keeping expert John Courteney-Smith will guide you through the critical processes that allow for a more effective and altogether more ethical form of exotic pet care.

By mimicking the wild environments of the animals that we keep we can be sure that we will be providing everything that they need to live a happy, healthy and reproductively positive life.

Including: nutrition, plants, water, soil, hygiene, UVB, the correct provision of light for plant growth and much, much more.

RRP £17.99

The Elements Series, Part 1. Fire, the Sun & Its Replication in Reptile Keeping

Code: RBK04 / Hardback 200 Pages

Did you know that light is as much a part of amphibian nutrition as water?
Understand the importance of heating and how UV-B is converted to usable vitamin D3.
Discover how a lamp actually works and how to get the very best out of it.
See your own animals thrive in your care.

This easy-to-understand guide, the first in a brand new series will explain everything that you need to know to go on to further investigate and understand ‘overall nutrition’. while expanding on the ‘Theory of Wild Re-Creation™’

Topics covered include: how the sun provides us with energy; how lamps work, UV, infrared, light meters, LEDs, PAR, PUR, CRI, Kelvin, habitats, ‘Light & Shade’, MBD, basking and much more.


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