EarthPro FruityInsectGold Pouch


Real Fruits & Insects in a gel
A fine grade, easy to digest and assimilate natural calcium powder.


Crude Protein 26%
Crude Fats & Oils 13%
Crude Fibre 7%
Moisture <8%
FruityInsectGold Gecko Food
FruityInsectGold Food
50% Real Fruits & 50% Insects
All natural wholefood nutrition with no artificial flavours or additives.
For large collections these ratios can be multiplied to make larger amounts.

A perfect blend of wholefood ingredients in a fun to make, cost effective and easy to feed JellyPot. Do it Yourself JellyPot Gold provides real ‘all natural ’nutrition in a fun to make jelly. The perfect treat for your pets that require a little more in the way of insect protein. It is sure to be a hit with gargoyle and crested geckos as they eat a wide range of insects in the wild.

Shop bought, premade ‘JellyPots’ may be easy to use but they lack ‘wholefood’ nutrition and can become costly. They are lacking in nutrition, as they usually only contain water, colours, flavours and sugars.

Unlike many premade jellies the EarthPro-JellyPot Gold range uses very high quantities of whole fruits, honey, Bee Pollen, Insects and plants to ensure that your JellyPots are a nutritious as possible each and every time.

This tasty gel is the perfect compliment to StickyFootGold, our whole food for frugivorous geckos.
We use no artificial colours or flavours, just pure, wholesome goodness.

Code Watt Barcode
RAREPJPFI50 100G / 3.52oz 5060127655328
NR21 8HW. DEFRA Approval number: 5/007/8101 ABP/HAN