Metabolic Bone Disorder Recovery Programme

John Courteney-Smith MRSB
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The MBD Recovery Programme’ is a detailed document developed in order to both explain MBD and to find a suitably natural and synergistic option for diagnosis and ongoing recuperative treatment. This Programme has been written with veterinary guidance for animal welfare professionals to use and to be able to offer guidance from. The Programme starts by explaining MBD and its common causes. We then offer a potential remedial solution through our theory of ‘Overall-Nutrition’ and ‘The three parameters of supply’. We encompass thoughtful care of these diseases at every stage from severe to emergent and always under the guidance of a vet. Within this document you will also find a feeding guide that is used to re-mineralise and stabilise every main feeding group of reptile via a ‘by feed’ detailed programme.

Metabolic Bone Disorder (MBD) is a life limiting and wholly avoidable condition caused by a level of environmental and nutritional imbalance. For many years Arcadia Reptile have spearheaded the global work into the causes and remedy of MBD in captive Reptiles. This process has led us to develop the world’s finest UV-B systems and to design an ‘all-natural’ range of supplements and foods in order to correctly supply for these incredible animals.

This guidance has been written for ‘professional use only’. If you are a vet, Zoo keeper, Reptile store owner, Educational lecturer or operate a Registered rescue centre please do enter your details into the form below and we will gladly send you a PDF of this 10 page programme without charge.