A Revolution in accurate nutritional supply.

If there were as many limitations as we suspected within the historic methods, we would have little choice other than to re-invent supplementation and supplemented feeds as a whole. We studied closely how wild animals feed and also at the mineral content of the environments in which they are found. This was a pivotal moment and one that led to the realisation that it was not just the ‘food’ items that supplied for an animal but also that a quantity of minerals, vitamins and positive flora was being supplied by the environment itself.

As example, wild water is laced with ‘full spectrum’ minerals. It is within this phrase ‘full spectrum’ that we built upon our theory. The mineral content of the earth should have every element catered for in balance and therefore be active and potent. This is ‘Full spectrum’. The ‘Earth’ in which the plant foods grow and which surround the insects and animals that are predated upon is therefore ‘full spectrum’ and must be usable in some way by these wild animals.

The ‘Earth’ is largely balanced but not sterile. Usual feeding ensures that particulates of earth are ingested in some way. A tortoise does not choose those top most leaves, then wash them, no, it tears up the plant and consumes it whole, roots and all. When a reptile catches an insect or live animal it will also be obtaining localised particulates from around and from within the prey source. When an animal drinks, be that from standing or flowing water including rain and mist it once again ingests ‘full spectrum’ minerals. In fact, it could be said that an animal is ingesting minerals with every breath. This is a continuous process, as such it remains vital to continuous provision.

If this is ‘wild supply’ then it should be Re-Created in captivity alongside the required technology. As such and alongside our theory of Wild Re-Creation™ we have formulated a range of natural wholesome products that have been designed to be used together as a programme in order to supply for our pets safely and naturally. (see product packaging for a complete list of ingredients per product).

The Arcadia Reptile EarthPro range contains no synthetics. They contain no manufactured dietary D3 nor pure vitamin A but rather use a potent natural full spectrum carotenoid, allowing the body to manufacture its own vitamin A. D3 should catered for in a safe and measured way with wild like Arcadia Reptile UVB systems and whole animal feeds where appropriate. As such, ‘EarthPro’ is ‘non-toxic’. It can be used at every feed and in doing so you will help to re-create these wild like feeding processes.

Our ‘everyday use’ mineral and vitamin powder (EarthPro-A) utilises the very best in scientific thought and ingredient sourcing. Rather than using a lab based approximation of the minerals that are found in the earth we use a naturally mined, ‘full spectrum’ mineral clay. To this we add high grade Calcium balanced with essential Magnesium for optimum bone health and Calcium function alongside many other natural ingredients in order to help your pets thrive (See the EarthPro-A section). Being clay based this powder also offers greater levels of adhesion to both plants and insects, which ensures less waste through better ingestion. We also add into many of our products the superfood ‘Bee Pollen’.

We have included both Pre and Pro-Biotics into our EarthPro-DragonFuel and EarthPro-HerbiMix supplementary feeds and into EarthPro-OmniGold, EarthPro-InsectiGold, EarthPro-StickyFootGold, EarthPro-AmphibiGold and EarthPro-TurtleGold in order to help maintain optimum gastrointestinal health.

We are delighted to announce for the very first time a ‘dosed’, capsulated supplement in ‘EarthPro-ShedSupport’. This will help you to supply all of the extra vitamins and minerals that are needed during the sometimes taxing shedding process. We are also delighted to include a capsulated, all natural ‘boost’ of real fruit, honey, minerals, B vitamins and Bee Pollen in EarthPro-ReptiGold.

EarthPro-ReptiGold has been specifically formulated to be mixed within proprietary ‘complete’ diets commonly given to captive reptiles including Crested Geckos and Day Gecko, added onto plant based diets for Iguanas and Tortoises or mixed with a little water to create a ‘lickable’ wholly natural treat.

We also wanted to rethink whole diets, as such we have looked once again at wild feeding and have released a range of powdered or pelleted foods that are wholly natural and can be used to greatly increase dietary variety. We use whole dried and the powdered Insects, Earthworms and for the first time powdered Snails in EarthPro-OmniGold, EarthPro-TurtleGold and EarthPro-AmphibiGold alongside a wealth of other totally natural ingredients in order to provide your pets. EarthPro-StickyFootGold is our quite stunning all natural high insect powdered Gecko food, perfect for Crested Geckos. EarthPro-InsectiGold is another powdered Gel based diet bursting with high levels of whole insect goodness. These products really are the ‘Gold Standard’ of effective Pet Nutrition.

We are also delighted to include a DYI ‘Jelly Pot’ range, EarthPro-JellyPotGold. Shop bought Jelly pots contain little more than solidified water with artificial flavours and additives.

EarthPro-JellyPotGold for the first time provides wholefood goodness with high quantities of natural ingredients in a simple to make and use jelly. These are available as ReptiGold, InsectFuel, FruityInsect, TropiFruitGold and FruitBuzz. This is a fun and very cost effective way of using jelly pots with savings of up to 75% against premade pots whilst providing high quality nutrition.