Reptiles, Amphibians and Invertebrates have changed and adapted within the wild habitat over millennia in order to obtain everything they need from their environments. They have adapted to use a certain level of sunlight, warmth, water and nutrients to be healthy.

As keepers we have had to attempt to replace those hard-to-obtain, essential vitamins and minerals with traditional supplement powders in a rather inaccurate way in the past. Here is where the problems start. Many of the plant, flowers and natural earth minerals are hard to find in local shops and as such are missed out from pet reptile diets. However, here at Arcadia Reptile, we see a difference between an animal simply ‘surviving’ and truly ‘thriving’. Through good science-led research into animal nutrition, we aim to fix these inaccuracies of the past.

Some compounds can become dangerous if oversupplied or supplied out of balance. These include the fat soluble vitamins A, D and E, because they are automatically stored in animal’s bodies where they can reach toxic levels. So we decided to look at safe, effective and wild-like nutrition.

If an animal obtains everything it needs to thrive from its environment, it would only be right to mimic this in a natural way that is safe, powerful and ethical. It is vital that we view the feeding of captive exotics at a multi-level approach. We believe in Wild Re-Creation and its positive effects upon captive animals. We also believe that a whole food for life simply cannot exist. No, we take a cues from nature in terms of biological provision and replicate that in a safe and in a measured way.

This theory is called ‘Wild-RecreationTM’ and within its parameters, we believe are hidden all the secrets of fantastic exotic animal care.