Our mineral and vitamin powders utilise the very best in scientific thought and ingredient sourcing.

The Earth is not sterile: in the wild, where animals feed, it is never perfectly clean. So it is quite normal for animals to pick up particles of earth when they are feeding and therefore they will ingest minerals.

For example, wild water is laced with beneficial minerals, so when a reptile drinks, it will be adding them to its diet. When a tortoise eats, it does not only choose the top leaves, or wash the plant before eating! No, it will tear up the whole plant and consume it whole.

This wild supply should be recreated in captivity alongside the required conditions to keep the animal safe, including heating, lighting and humidity.

Our everyday use mineral and vitamin powder EarthPro-A utilises the very best in scientific thought and ingredient sourcing. Rather than using a lab-based guess at what proportion of minerals an animal needs, as with the old method, we use a full spectrum mineral clay so to provide your pet with the natural minerals that are found in the earth. To this we add high grade Calcium for optimum bone health alongside many other natural ingredients in order to help your pets thrive. Being clay based, this powder also offers greater levels of adhesion to both plants and insects, which ensures less waste through better ingestion.

In the range we also have the world’s first reptile calcium supplement with added magnesium: EarthPro-CalciumProMg. Magnesium has been found to be an essential mineral when balanced correctly with calcium, to promote bone, muscular and neurological health.

Finally we have Shed Support, a boost of vitamins, especially vitamin B and vitamin E to help with skin health. It is the world’s first capsulated, dosed supplement powder for reptiles.

Learn more about how to use our supplements in a our handy Feeding Programme.