Both of our Forest, and Arid-region substrates contain the perfect mix of natural ‘Organics’ and ‘Full-Spectrum’ Minerals from an ancient Scottish Volcanic Source.

The high levels of volcanic minerals not only ensure fantastic soil drainage but it also helps to feed live plants and keep Custodians strong, nutritious and reproducing.

EarthMix and EarthMix-Arid are a clean, safe to use, mineral rich range of Bio-Active substrates with no non-natural particulates that can lead to impaction.

These high quality, ‘Bio-Active ready’ Substrates will not only sustain incredible live plant growth, but they will also help to provide Nutritional, Mental and Physical enrichment for animals through natural digging, tunnel construction and food collection.

Using EarthMix and EarthMix-Arid will also help you to maintain an appropriate level of enclosure humidity, vital for the health and wellbeing of your pet.

EarthMix and EarthMix-Arid both contain Organic Worm castings. This is a nutrient rich and totally safe source of food for both plants and custodians.

Having the correct mix ratios between Mineral and Organics will help to support the vital custodian species used in Bio-Active systems. Both of our substrates are full of ‘Organic Goodness’ and can be thought of as being ‘pre-fed’. This means that custodians can be added in from day one and will start to thrive.

The Arcadia-Reptile range of all-natural, Bio-Active substrates will enable you to provide the very best, most attractive living conditions for your pets through safe and effective ‘Wild Re-Creation’.

EarthMix and EarthMix-Arid can be used with any species of Reptile, Amphibian and Invertebrate, are Custodian ready and will sustain incredible plant growth.