New technology
The D3EVO® UV-B Basking lamp has been specifically re-designed to provide essential energy for reptiles in the USA, Canada and other 110-120V areas.
New technology

The original D3 basking lamp, used and trusted by thousands of keepers can only be used in 230-240v regions.

As interest in our work grew inside of the USA and Canada we knew that it was time to try and convert our bestselling SBMVL for use in 110v regions.

However, we were soon to learn that it was this historic practice of converting this type of lamp, designed to be used in 240v regions to 110v that was the fundamental cause of the decades long issues that keepers using combi type lamps in the USA have been experiencing.

We all know that there are fairly wide output tolerances for MV lamps. However, when you couple this inherent quirk with incapable electronics we see massive swings in output values, beam angle and longevity. In very simple terms, the physics of this type of lamp design is fundamentally wrong for use in 110v regions.

There was only one answer to this historic question and that was to redesign the tech from the ground up. Working with our German partners on a 5 year long R&D project, we have created in D3Evo what we believe to be the only UVB basking lamp specifically designed to be used in the 110v regions. So, what does this mean in practice for you and your animals? Well, it simply means that the lamp has become far more stable, the historic issues of seeing UVI 2.00 at 12” from one lamp 52.00 from the next in the box are the thing of the past. The D3Evo tech rebuild has completely redesigned the ignition system of the lamp so that it excels at 110V.

Combi lamps remain a helpful tool for keepers. They produce visible light, lots of IR-A and of course UV-A and UV-B. They cannot be stat controlled of course, but if set up correctly they can really help to provide essential energy for basking species and over a fairly long period of time.

We have incorporated our phosphor coated flood glass lens just as we do with the 240v original version of this lamp. We have fully updated the outputs, spectrum and UVI guidance of this lamp and maintain an almost previously unheard of output tolerance of just 11% variance on average.

D3Evo by Arcadia reptile has been designed by experts specifically to be used in the USA and Canada. A total re-design of the lamps inner parts, the production process (handmade) and the glass has been undertaken by global experts. Add all of this together and D3Evo by Arcadia Reptile can be trusted to supply for your animals without having to worry about excessively low or blisteringly high UV Index projections. Due to this total redesign D3Evo also has a greatly increased usable life and is much less likely to fail early. Yet another issue fixed when compared to existing lamps converted from 240v to 110v.

The difference is clear, D3Evo D3 basking lamp by Arcadia reptile is a huge advancement in reptile lighting tech. Over 5 years of design and testing to bring your animals something really very special indeed.

Provides UVB, UVA, visible light & infrared (heat) energy from a single lamp
D3 EVO Basking Lamp 100W UVI light output
Distance UVI
9"/220mm 8.00
11"/280mm 6.00
13"/320mm 4.00
18"/460mm 2.00
26"/650mm 1.00
Watt 100W
Fitting E26
Hours 5000h
Beam Angle 35º
Color Temp (K) 4800K
CRI (Ra) 60
Voltage 110~120V 60Hz
Code Watt Barcode
RSMA100E26Z 100W 844046001894
Hg – Lamp Contains Mercury, manage in accord with disposal laws.

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