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D3 Basking Lamp

High performance lamp providing UV-B, UV-A, visible light and heat from a single source.

Available in 80W / 100W / 160W
Designed as a basking lamp for larger vivaria in which the reptile has sufficient room to move into and out of the basking area to regulate its temperature.

The D3 basking lamp is an ideal all-in-one lamp for providing heat, light and UV, every technology however has limitations.

At Arcadia reptile we are passionate about providing the very best of systems to our captive reptiles and believe that our customers should be given the full picture of how lamps work, it is for this reason that we always encourage the use of a linear UV lamp for effective UV provision.

We would suggest that in vivs over 24” in length, a high output T5 lamp is used alongside these UV-rich basking spots. This then allows the animal to decide when and where to bask at a particular time.

Many species of reptile and Amphibian require a warm spot under which they can bask and become fully energised with heat and Ultra Violet. As in nature, these basking zones should be UV rich and stable.
We therefore produce this lamp in three sizes. 80 watt, 100watt and 160watt.

The 80 Watt ‘Mini Mercury Vapour’ is a useful option for smaller vivaria. UVB and a balanced UVA similar to wild exposure at lower fitting heights and also produce a good amount of heat.

Code Watt Kelvin Energy kWh/1000h
RSMA80E27 80W 4000K B 96
RSMA100E27 100W 4000K B 124
RSMA160E27 160W 4200K B 198
  • 50-degree beam angle for wide basking area
  • Average working life 6,000 hours
  • 1 year guarantee

Dr Mike Leahy presents the benefits of the D3 Basking Lamp

  • Important for the health and development of reptiles
  • Helps to synthesize vitamin D3
  • Helps prevent Metabolic Bone Disease
  • Can help stimulate breeding

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