StickyFoot Friends

StickyFoot Friends Feeding Cycle

EarthPro-A on all items on feeds 1, 2 and 3. CalciumPro-Mg on all items on feed 4. We then use EarthPro-A for feed 5,6, 7. Then use an optional high quality powder with pre-formed A and D3 for feed 8. We then continue on within this cycle. Introducing ShedSupport as required within the program. Crested Geckos and other New Caledonian Geckos can be fed StickyFoot Gold to up to 70% of the total diet.

JellyPot Gold mixes can be used to further increase variety at will. The rest of the diet should be made up with fresh fruits and live feeders. Giant Geckos can also benefit from either Insecti Gold and Omni Gold at 10% of the diet.

Madagascan Day Geckos can be fed StickyFootGold up to 50% of the total diet.

Insecti Gold can be used up to 20% of the total diet when StickyFootGold is replaced. JellyPot Gold mixes can be added to further increase dietary Variety as required. The rest of the diet should be made up from fresh fruits and live feeder insects.

Species include: Crested Gecko Gargoyle Gecko Giant Gecko Day Gecko