Metabolic Bone Disorder Recovery Programme

John Courteney-Smith MRSB

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The three parameters of overall-nutrition

The energy which surrounds. (Energy that is available to use and originates from the photons contained within terrestrial full-spectrum daylight or a replicated source).
That which is ingested. (Food, water, mineral particulates etc).
Physical and mental enrichment. (Exercise and stimulation of the body and mind).

MBD recovery programme

‘This MBD recovery programme is not offered as formal or updated veterinary procedure. It is however a guide of how to best use the theory of ‘overall-nutrition’ alongside adequate external and internal nutrition in order to see positive results in professionally diagnosed animals. At every stage an experienced vets advice must be sought and traditional medicine used where advised alongside the advice in this programme. We believe that many more animals can be ethically and effectively treated within this programme and will update the advice as we continue to learn more. In every case we seek to see a world where MBD is eliminated from captive collections and that any diagnosed cases can be remedied effectively as we continue to learn more about the core needs of these animals. The advice given has been checked to conform with current veterinary standards and diagnostic protocols by Dr Sheryl Calway BVMS MRCVS GpCert EX-AP of which we are very grateful’

The light & shade method