UVB Kit - Arcadia Reptile


The perfect choice for providing UV-B rich light

D3+ UV Flood uses state of the art electronics to provide a flicker free and highly energy efficient source of lighting.

The Arcadia Reptile UVBKit and UVBMiniKit are easy to use comprehensive UV starter kits. Arriving with everything needed to get started from day one these single cable kits represent fantastic value for money.

The Arcadia UV Mini Kit arrives complete with our German made 2.4% UV-B ‘Standard Output T5’ 8w lamp and is the perfect choice for deep shade dwellers in reduced height enclosures, or for fitting to bird cages.

This easy to fit Kit includes the electronics, power cable, fitting kit, long link cable, specially designed reflector and 2.4% UV-B lamp.

Each fitting has its own power switch and can be individually controlled. Up to 10 units can be linked up together using the FREE ‘link cable’ from a single power source.

The UV Mini Kit is the perfect choice for providing UV-B rich light in small wooden or glass vivariums or in larger tubs.

The 54wUVKit arrives complete with an Arcadia Reptile, German made HO-T5 lamp of your choice, either 2.4%, D3 6%, D3+® 12% or even 14% UV-B ‘DragonLamp’, electronics, fitting kit, Arcadia Reptile HO-T5 reflector, power cable and link cable.

The 54wUVKit is the perfect choice for use in large enclosures or over groups of mesh topped glass terrariums where up to 10 units can be linked up and controlled from one power source.

These high quality Kits simply make reptile lighting easy and at a price that is hard to beat.

  • High Light and UVB levels
  • Flicker free
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy internal fitting
  • Waterproof
  • Easy lamp change
  • Produces a targeted flood of UV enabling the keeper to set a photo-gradient
  • Allows the proper production and use of the D3 cycle
  • Balanced UVA and UVB output and a high CRI natural daylight colour
  • For both Desert species and tall Vivaria for arboreal species. See our lighting guide for info
  • Can be used horizontally or vertically to obtain the area of emission required
  • Eliminate MBD!

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