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T5 Slimline Luminaire

Provides a high LUX and safe, usable UV-B for pet Reptiles and Amphibians.

The Arcadia Reptile Slimline, High Output-T5 UV-B fitting is a plug in, single cable with switch, ready to use reptile keeping miracle. This stylish HO-T5 fitting is suitable for use in or over all Vivaria and Terraria over 2 feet in length. Available with your choice of lamp it is suitable for use with any species.

HO-T5 UV lamps are a revolution! Producing and projecting around twice the light and UV per watt used than T8 these high quality German made lamps enable you to provide more UV over a greater distance and area than ever before. Join the T5 revolution for effective and ethical reptile care.

Using just one water resistant removable power socket, this well built HO-T5 unit is unobtrusive ad very easy to fit with the ‘snap over’ fitting plates that are included in the box. The unit itself is fitted with a highly effective built-in T5 reflector, screw in removable mounting plates and an Arcadia Reptile High Output T5 lamp!

If you want to be able to use HO-T5 reptile lighting but you do not want to see the fitting, nor be bothered by multiple cables then the Arcadia Reptile Slimline luminaire is the perfect choice. Simply fit the mounting plates, insert the power cable through a vent, ‘snap in’ the lamp, ‘turn on’ and go!

  • Provides a high LUX and safe, usable UVB for pet Reptiles and Amphibians
  • Water resistant fitting
  • Can be fitted inside all wooden vivaria or seated onto the top of mesh topped vivariums/terrariums

Code Watt Description
RAV24D 24W D3 Dragon
RAV39D 39W D3 Dragon
RAV24R 24W D3 Desert
RAV39R 39W D3 Desert
RAV24F 24W D3 Forest
RAV39F 39W D3 Forest

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