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Pro Vivarium Canopy

Significant increase in both visible light and UV output, powering through vivarium mesh.

A revolutionary high performance T5 reptile lamp fitting from Arcadia Reptile, with included T5 lamps that power through mesh! This offers a significant increase in both visible light and UV output, especially when used through a mesh-top vivarium or terrarium.

Reptiles use light and heat in miraculous ways. They use UV-A to regulate D3 production and to ‘activate’ colour vision.They use UV-B to start and maintain the D3 Cycle. This is the process of a reptile being exposed to heat and natural sunlight after a period of rest. The UVB wavelength penetrates the skin and starts a chain of natural biological changes that ends up with the production and assimilation of vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 allows the absorption of calcium.

Many reptiles are kept in glass vivaria with metal mesh tops. Anything that is placed in front of a light source will inhibit the downward pathway of the photons of light provided. In the case of UVB emitting reptile lamps this means less light and less UV at the basking zone. It has also been shown that the levels of transmission can decrease over time. This can be due to a build up of dust and or rust. It is important to clean mesh tops to ensure that light can pass through the mesh.

The Arcadia Reptile ‘ProViv’ canopy uses a tried and tested ‘dimpled’ reflector that outperforms flat polished reflectors by at least 20% in tests over mesh. This ensures that as much light as possible travels down into the vivarium.

Typically using the Arcadia Canopy will not only mean a brighter, pleasing enclosure, but better animal colours, feeding response and animals that are more willing to breed. These units are IP67/waterproof and are safe when used with commercial mister and fogging units.

For those of us with live planted enclosures, an additional canopy can be used with a suitable plant growth lamp.

30cm D3 7% UV-B, 45cm in D3+® 12% UV-B, 60 and 90cm in D3 6% and D3+®12% UV-B.

  • 50-degree beam angle for wide basking area
  • Average working life 6,000 hours
  • 1 year guarantee
  • Important for the health and development of reptiles
  • Helps to synthesize vitamin D3
  • Helps prevent Metabolic Bone Disease
  • Can help stimulate breeding
Code Watt UVB Energy Fitting kWh/1000h
RA1BB0144R 11W 7% A G23 13
RA1BB0244R 24W 12% A 2G11 26
RA1BB0344R 24W 12% A+ T5 26
RA1BB0444R 39W 12% A+ T5 44

Dr Mike Leahy presents the benefits of T5 Lighting

  • Produces a targeted flood of UV enabling the keeper to set a photo-gradient
  • Allows the proper production and use of the D3 cycle
  • Balanced UVA and UVB output and a high CRI natural daylight colour

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