Guidance for Fitting your Lights

A usable photo-gradient is essential to the well-being of captive reptiles.

The information that we have given in the lighting guide is recommended for enclosures that have enough space and well thought out decoration so that the animal or animals can self-regulate between full exposure and complete shade.

We at Arcadia Reptile believe that the best way to light an enclosure is to illuminate two thirds of an enclosure using linear fluorescent lamps. This type of lighting creates a usable and very wide, energy rich ‘flood’ rather than restrictive narrow beams. In vivaria that are more than 18” deep from front to back, a pair lamps can be used to increase the spread of light and UV further.

In all vivaria, UV lighting must be attached above the animal’s head so that the light falls in a natural way and so as to prevent glare. If you were to attach a light to the side of an enclosure, or horizontal to the head it would shine straight into the reptile’s eyes and could cause damage.

With thinking about ultraviolet provision and lighting for reptiles, we encourage you to continue to keep up with new research into your animal’s needs. One good way to do this is to join one of the many informed groups and pages on social media. A good page will encourage healthy discussion and there are often very experienced keepers on hand to help you. This will then allow you to be able to implement positive change as and when new or updated information is made available.