D3 Arc Pod - Arcadia Reptile

D3 Arc Pod

Ideal compact lamp for vivaria. Use to illuminate Turtles, Terrapins and even Hatchling Tortoises.

Waterproof terrarium light which includes the Arcadia D3 Compact Lamp to provide essential UVB for your reptiles and amphibians.

  • Can be fitted inside small terrariums
  • Easy to fit
  • Easy lamp change
  • Built in reflector
  • Aids the synthesis of Vitamin D3
  • Produces excellent natural colours
The D3 Arc-Pod is low voltage, energy efficient, electronically ballasted so it is “flicker free” and rated to waterproof ‘IP67’ and fits easily and securely onto the glass sides of a Terrarium or Aquarium.

It can also be fitted into smaller wooden vivaria through the fitting holes in the unit. The Arc-Pod is perfect to use with Turtles and Terrapins and even hatchling Tortoises.

It can be used for Aquatic frogs and toads and poison dart frogs, in smaller vivaria where hatchling lizards maybe being grown and be used as additional, supplementary UV lighting alongside your existing system to create a cool, targeted basking zone. In fact, is a perfect fitting for out of the box plug and go reptile light unit.

The product includes the Arc-Pod fitting, fitting brackets and a 11 Watt D3, 7% UVB compact lamp.

Code Watt Fitting
RAA11D3 11W G23

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