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Euro Range T8 Lamps

The Arcadia Reptile Euro-Range is a High Quality, Long-life and High Output range of T8 reptile lamps.

With our own technology we have been able to produce a range of T8 lamps that emit upper levels of UVA and UVB and also have a 9-month life span. The Arcadia D3 and D3+T8 & High Output T5 range are guaranteed for 12 months.

These lamps are great value for money and last for 9 months – typically last a 3 MONTHS longer and emit up to 3x more UVB than competitive brands or unregulated Asian imports! 5% + & 10%+ UVB for the synthesis of vitamin D3.

  • Long life span – provides a full 9 months of UV-B.
  • Excellent colour emissions (High CRI) – for better looking, naturally coloured animals.
  • Typically x3 more usable UVB than most lamps.
  • Total UVC protection.
  • High Quality product at a value price.
  • Made in Germany.

D3 Desert 10% UV-B / 30% UV-A

Diameter – T8 Ø26mm

Code Watt Length
RFRP15 15W 450mm / 18″
RFRP18 18W 600mm / 24″
RFRP25 25W 750mm / 30″
RFRP30 30W 900mm / 36″
RFRP38 38W 1050mm / 42″

D3 Forest 5% UV-B / 30% UV-A

Diameter – T8 Ø26mm

Code Watt Length
RFR15 15W 450mm / 18″
RFR18 18W 600mm / 24″
RFR25 25W 750mm / 30″
RFR30 30W 900mm / 36″
RFR38 38W 1050mm / 42″

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