Supplementary Food

RAREPHM125 / 125g
  • wholefood goodness
  • All Natural
  • Non Toxic

EarthPro HerbiMix is a mix of wholesome plants and fruits, selected to fuel herbivores. This supplementary food can be mixed into the usual daily food thus greatly increase dietary variety. Containing over 20 plant ingredients, this is goodness in a bag.

HerbiMix also contains UK grown Alfalfa and for the first time, an active probiotic.

Contains the super food bee pollen.

  • Pre and probiotic.
  • A mix of large and small particles.
  • Can be fed to all herbivores including mammals.
  • For use with all vegetarian and omnivorous species.
  • Iguanas of all types
  • Tortoises
  • Uromastyx
  • Other plant eating species
How to use

Simply sprinkle on top of fruits and vegetables.


Alfalfa, calcium carbonate, nettle leaf and stem, parsley, dandelion, carrot, amino acids, hibiscus flowers, spinach, mineral clay, red clover, marigold flowers & petals, green pea powder, dextrose, papaya, fruit powder, vitamin B complex, watercress, mango, mulberry leaf, bee pollen, aloe, raspberry, probiotic.

Nutritional Additives

Vitamin B1 10mg/kg, Vitamin B2 16mg/kg, Vitamin B6 20mg/kg, Vitamin B12 50mcg/kg, Vitamin K 6mg/kg, Nicotinic 80mg/kg, Pantothenic 40mg/kg, Folic acid 5mg/kg, Biotin 1000mcg/kg.