North American Rat Snake Big Bio Build

There is a wide range of North American rat snakes available in the UK pet trade. These are commonly kept due to their manageable size, largely docile temperament and hardiness. The genus Pantherophis includes the corn snake, Pantherophis guttatus, grey rat snake, P. spiloides, baird’s rat snake, P. bairdii and the Everglades rat snake, P. …read more


Introduction If we supply for the core nutritional and environmental parameters correctly we reduce the overall chance of avoidable harm/disease in our reptiles and amphibians Impaction is a potentially fatal condition usually caused by the ingestion of ‘non-natural’ particles. It usually occurs in animals that have been under-provided for. Particles of substrate or even large …read more

Talking about Chameleon Care – PRK Interview

Close up chameleon macro

Chameleon keeper, breeder, enclosure designer and podcaster Bill Strand Talks about his passion for these diverse and fascinating lizards. We touch on nutrition, housing and metabolic bone disease and how we can further improve the chameleon care and welfare. This interview was first published in the June 2017 edition of Practical Reptile Keeping Magazine. Download …read more