Wild Re-Creation

water dragon

Scope The reptile-keeping hobby has changed and adapted beyond all recognition over the past five years or so, to the benefit of reptile welfare. As hobbyists, we are now more advanced in providing welfare than ever before. You can now find more groups on social media dedicated to bettering our animals’ environment. There has also …read more

UV-B Lighting and Snakes

It was long thought by many people that snakes can be kept perfectly well in captivity without supplemental UV-B lighting. However, if every species has developed throughout millennia to be surrounded by natural energy (including light, heat, earth, water, wind… etc.) then it will be specifically adapted to do so. It will also have a …read more


Introduction If we supply for the core nutritional and environmental parameters correctly we reduce the overall chance of avoidable harm/disease in our reptiles and amphibians Impaction is a potentially fatal condition usually caused by the ingestion of ‘non-natural’ particles. It usually occurs in animals that have been under-provided for. Particles of substrate or even large …read more

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