Omni Gold

Category – Nutritious Food

Provides essential Infra-Red A & B

Heats deep into the muscle tissues

EarthPro-OmniGold is the new ‘Gold standard’ for feeding all omnivorous animals. Designed and made in the UK to help supply all of the nutritional items that these animals, including the Blue Tongue Skink needs to truly ‘Thrive’ in captivity in a full and balanced way.

This wholly natural powdered diet is simply mixed with hot water and left to cool where it will form into a very palatable gel which can then be fed directly or frozen, defrosted and fed at will.

EarthPro-OmniGold contains the correct ratio of approx. 50% vegetable/plant, 40% whole meat/insects and 10% Fruits, vitamins and minerals. EarthPro-OmniGold contains natural ingredients that form large parts of the wild diet including SNAILS, EARTHWORMS, Insects, BEE POLLEN and EGG that have, to date, been hard to source.

If you want to feed your animals the very best in a safe and measured way then EarthPro-OmniGold really is the answer that you have been looking for.

  1. A full and balanced whole diet containing all natural ingredients.
  2. Contains Snail, Earthworm, Beetles, Poultry meal, Alfalfa, Hibiscus, Honey, Bee Pollen and many other dried fruits.
  3. Easy to use, simply make up what you need per feed or mix up a batch and freeze.
  4. Use with other EarthPro items and offer other Livefoods and plants to aid enrichment.
  5. Easy to re-seal stay fresh pouch.
  6. Suitable for all Omnivorous species including; Blue Tongue Skinks, Monitors lizards, Plated Lizards, Lacertid lizards, Skinks, Caiman Lizards, Bearded Dragons and other Omnivorous species of reptile.

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Code Description Watt
RARHP50 Heat Projector 50W
EarthMix-Arid is an all organic and multiuse substrate for exotics requiring a drier terrain.

A potent source of minerals and amino acids this substrate will allow for amazing plant growth and animal nutrition.

This organic product boasts a double helping of organic volcanic rock and is of a fine particulate, posing little risk of impaction.
Can be used in Vivarium’s/Terrariums or around the home and garden.

EarthPro-BioRevitiliser is our Reptile and Amphibian safe plant food.
It has been blended and formulated in the UK to the highest standards to feed and replenish Bio-Active systems. This helps to ensure fantastic plant growth through the correct delivery of potent minerals, micro and macro nutrients and amino acids.
EarthPro-BioRevitiliser is made from ‘Organic’ UK Volcanic rock and Worm castings.
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