Omni Gold

A full and balanced whole diet containing all natural ingredients.

EarthPro-OmniGold is the new ‘Gold standard’ for feeding all omnivorous animals. Designed and made in the UK to help supply all of the nutritional items that these animals, including the Blue Tongue Skink needs to truly ‘Thrive’ in captivity in a full and balanced way.

  • Contains Snail, Earthworm, Beetles, Poultry meal, Alfalfa, Hibiscus, Honey, Bee Pollen and many different dried fruits.
  • Easy to use, simply make up what you need per feed or mix up a batch and freeze.
  • Use with other EarthPro items and offer other Livefoods and plants to aid enrichment.
  • Species
    • All omnivorous pets typically as 85% of the total diet
    • Blue Tongue Skinks
    • Other Skinks
    • Monitor Lizards
    • Plated Lizards
    • Bearded Dragons
    • Agamids
    • Wood Turtles

    Poultry Meal, Carrot, Mealworm, Calcium, Protein Powder, Shrimp, Celery, Beetles, Locust Bean Gum, Apple, Mineral Powder, Parsley, Silkworm, Dandelion, Dextrose, Alfalfa, Squash, Blood Powder, Snails, Papaya, Banana, Broccoli, Whole Egg, Hibiscus, Earthworm, Vitamin B Premix, Raspberry, Spirulina, Honey, Bee Pollen, Blueberry.

    How to use

    Mix a daily feed with 2 parts hot water and allow to cool into a gel. Add more water as per the requirements of your species. Remove any uneaten foods daily.

    Analytical Constituents

    Crude Protein 31%, Crude Fats & Oils 6.64%, Crude Fibres 5.4%, Crude Ash 11.6%, Calcium 4%.

    Nutritional Additives

    Vitamin B1 10mg/kg, Vitamin B2 16mg/kg, Vitamin B6 20mg/kg, Vitamin B12 50mcg/kg, Vitamin K 6mg/kg, Nicotinic 80mg/kg, Pantothenic 40mg/kg, Folic acid 5mg/kg, Biotin 1000mcg/kg.

    JellyPot Gold

    Available in 5 unique recipes and a Starter Kit.
    TropiFruit Gold

    TropiFruit Gold

    Tropifruit Gold is a tropical fruit and Bee Pollen blast of goodness.

    FruitBuzz Gold

    FruitBuzz Gold

    FruitBuzz Gold is made from mixed fruits and real Honey.

    FruityInsect Gold

    FruityInsect Gold

    FruityInsect Gold is made from approx. 50% real Fruits and 50% Insects.

    InsectFuel Gold

    InsectFuel Gold

    Insectfuelgold is a JellyPot version of our dry gutloader.

    Repti Gold

    Repti Gold

    Repti Gold is a JellyPot version of our ‘Fruit Shot’.

    JellyPot Gold Starter Kit

    Starter Kit

    The starter kit comes with 30g FruityInsect Gold, 30g InsectFuel Gold, reusable pots and a measuring spoon. Simply mix with hot water, wait for it to set and feed as normal. Make up a single pot or make up a batch and store in the fridge for later. Then top up your stocks with extra pouches as required.